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  • Max

    April 1, 2023 at 11:50 am

    150 Ways You Didn’t Even Know You Could Get Better:
    4.) When You’re Eating

    Undoubtedly, it’s not feasible to maintain perfect resting positions at all times. Nevertheless, as a revered guru once imparted to a professional athlete, “if you aren’t consuming your meals in a grounded or well-rested position, you’ll get outperformed.” While this may have appeared as a daring declaration to the athlete, it certainly holds significant value and credibility.

    As an athlete of prominence, if you could enhance your performance every passing second of the day, even during slumber, whereas your opponents merely get two hours to do so, you’d surpass them on a regular basis during competition. While indulging in our meals, we can continuously “recalibrate.” For instance, we could opt to sit in the rocker position, which promotes superior posture and decompressed joints. Alternatively, we could swivel from side to side, maintaining comprehensive access to our entire body.

    It’s worth noting that the more you repeat something, the more ingrained it becomes. Consequently, even if you were to be on the ground for a mere 45 minutes every day while eating, it would undoubtedly add up over time.