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  • Max

    April 1, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    150 Ways You Didn’t Even Know You Could Get Better:
    5.) When You’re Sleeping

    Did you know that improving your sleep position can directly impact your body’s mobility and access for the entire day? It’s true! Even when you’re awake and moving around, how you slept the night before can affect your physical abilities. Optimizing your sleep position is essential to ensure you get the most out of your body.

    By improving your sleep position, you’re not only maintaining your current level of mobility, but you’re also paving the way for even more improvement. Plus, you’ll train your body to adopt shapes and positions that benefit your sport. This means that your subconscious mind will start recognizing and repeating the right movements, making it easier for you to perform at your best.

    You definitely want to maintain natural movements like the Centenarian sprinters, hunter-gatherers in third-world countries, and no non-contact injured super-athletes. In that case, ensuring your sleep is as good as possible is crucial. So, what can you do? Contact a coach for personalized advice on your sleep position, or leave a comment below to get started. You can see tangible improvements in your mobility and performance on the field with a little effort.

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