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  • Max

    June 2, 2023 at 8:09 pm

    150 Ways You Didn’t Even Know You Could Get Better:
    9.) Walking

    Some people know this. Walking is an essential function of life. Walking is human nature. Walking is humanity’s birthright; however, most individuals have lost their natural walking pattern, thus creating future physical hiccups in one’s walk. And when the walking mechanics of an individual are poor, it will show up in one’s later years as pain and stiffness. At G8way Max, we know that athletic individuals walk well. And we also know that those who walk well have significantly less pain than those who do not. To get better physically, you must get better at walking and avoid all injuries as best as possible.

    Everyone you do and don’t know will tell you that if you can walk well when you’re 90, you’ll be better off than those who can’t. Walking well starts early. The sooner you can walk well, the better. But you can get better right now, no matter your age. See this, feel this, hear this; it will pay off if you choose to get better at your walk consistently, whether it’s fixing movement patterns or being more confident; if you get better at your walk daily, you will get better at your sport. If you own the walk & you don’t have to think about it to move well, then your subconscious holds your natural motor movement at the slowest level of forward locomotion. Suppose you maintain your natural walking mechanics (the eight movement points) till your later years. In that case, you have a significantly greater chance to hold onto your mobility and access when you age. You then have a significant chance of having no pain. If you walk well, you’re not constantly stressing your connective tissue trying to get to points A & B. If you improve your walk by walking with straight feet or unlocking your stuck spine, you will see a physical performance difference that will last a lifetime if you can maintain the improved movement behavior.

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    Also, check out this walking video! Keep making better habits!