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  • Max Mover

    June 2, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    150 Ways You Didn’t Even Know You Could Get Better:
    10.) Climbing

    This can be interesting. Grip strength. Athleticism. Natural.

    You have to be strong to be a climber. Doing athletic and natural things, like climbing a mountain or simply climbing up a hill by walking uphill, will improve your gait & physical features. If you want to build your legs and feet, climb uneven terrain, or any path created for you, that’s an uphill surface. When we move uphill, the body has a greater chance of being more Back Chain Dominant. This is because the rib cage has to be in front of the hip joints. Also, it’s easier to be BCD going uphill because the feet have a better chance to work right when we have more pressure out of the heel. Hence, running hills or doing your Drop In’s on an uphill surface is a great stimulus to add to your training routine. But climbing is also great for our routine too. Climbing uphill or on a vertical slope also works our upper body back chain. Your hand extensors, forearms, triceps, posterior shoulders, and lats will get a tremendous physical shred through natural movement. Think about animals that can climb well. Monkeys swing well. Do you think Tarzan was athletic? You must be able to hold your body weight up with your arms. If you can’t do it, progress there. But adding climbing to your fitness plan will benefit your athleticism and help your body get a different movement stimulus that it usually doesn’t get in your daily activities. Try some uphill cat crawls. Climb some monkey bars; it’s good for you.