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  • Are you spending enough time on injury-preventative training?

    Posted by Max on April 17, 2023 at 10:53 pm

    We see it too often. Athletes set big goals. They work really hard on getting stronger and faster but don’t take the time to add injury-preventative training to their routine. So, they get faster, but they eventually run into a setback. A strong majority of athletes run into an injury setback. The athletes progress and get faster, but they lose it all when they get hurt. They now have to start over, try to get back to where they left off, and then get to their goals. Regardless of whether they can make it to their goals now, it’s going to take longer due to the limiting setback. Imagine if you never got hurt. Your coach would love that. Your bank account would love that. Your athletic career would love that. Your connective tissue and skeletal system would love that. So, are you taking the necessary time, and applying appropriate effort and discipline to recode and do your injury-preventative drills?

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