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  • Food for Thought: Nourishing Your Brain & Body for Optimal Performance

    Posted by Max on April 16, 2023 at 8:47 pm

    Food for Thought: Nourishing Your Brain & Body for Optimal Performance

    Whatever it is. If you repeatedly feed your brain and/or body with the same thing, it will eventually affect your life in some way. Now is that thing, habit, exercise, or thought good for you? Or is it bad for you?

    Let’s dive deep into a few critical areas for a quality life. And let’s talk about good vs. bad in these areas. There are 8 Pillars of a Quality Life, but let’s focus on Nutrition & Mindset.

    Food for thought: The word repeatedly is used significantly in this post to emphasize that if anything occurs on the habitual level, it will affect the host and their environment in some way, small or large, good or bad. It’s important to note the importance of understanding that things, habits, exercises, thoughts, decisions, beliefs, and environment all affect one’s life, small or large. Some things can be “bad” for you, like drinking alcohol. For example, if you pour alcohol on a plant every day, the plant will eventually wither away. Studies have shown alcohol won’t be healthy for your body if you drink repeatedly. But with balance and moderation and depending on your physical situation, consuming a moderated amount of alcohol will always have a smaller effect than when done repeatedly. If you choose to do something more, it will show up more for you in your life, but if you do it less, the effect will be less. So before diving in, remember this: whatever it is, if you repeatedly feed your brain and/or body anything, it will have some effect on your life (present, past, or future; small or large effect). The question is: is that thing that you repeatedly do good for you or bad for you? Is the repeatable action pushing you away from your goals?

    If you repeatedly feed yourself with the proper diet, you will notice a change. And if you repeatedly eat garbage, you will notice a change. Ladies and gentlemen, you can’t out-train a poor diet. Meaning, you shouldn’t work out every day and eat fast food and sodas for every meal. Balance is okay, but you won’t see gains if you eat poorly repeatedly. You won’t see high energy, daily peak mental performance, and acuity. If you eat junk food every day, you’ll even start to see other health issues appearing in your life with your organs, digestive system, oral health, joint health & others. This is so because junk food clogs your arteries and hinders your recovery. Even though you work out every day, you shouldn’t botch your diet daily if you truly want to maximize your training gains. Same with drinking alcohol daily. Even the water you consume repeatedly affects you in some way. Your body is comprised of 60% water, and so if you daily consume water with plastics and chemicals, that will affect you. If the water you drink daily is acidic, that will affect you. A poor diet won’t help you to your fullest; it will only take some portion away. If you want to maximize your training gains in the totality, you must maintain a proper diet. If you have a poor diet and work out for an hour daily, your physical body repeatedly with the poor diet will see less than 30 minutes of gains. So, we need to make sure our diet is repeatedly benefitting our body to our advantage. Again, your diet needs the proper nutrients because you don’t see all the gains when you lack the necessary nutrients. If your genetics say that you are significantly deficient in the Vitamin B12 and your food intake or supplements don’t include the vitamin either, your mood, brain, physical performance, energy levels, endurance, lifespan, and overall health will be affected negatively. Proper exercise is necessary for a healthy life, which will help diminish the negative effects from having a poor diet, but if you have a poor diet, the best thing you can do is switch to a good diet. There are far more pros than cons to having a good diet! For example, having a good diet consistent with your genetics will help improve your daily function, improving your quality of life. You’ll have more energy. And that’s powerful! You’ll be able to function faster, recover faster, and get more done because you fed your engine with the right go-go-good-for-you food.

    This one can be vast, deeply routed in the subconscious. If we repeatedly surround ourselves with energy vampires who suck our goals, dreams, and the life out of us, then it will poorly affect our desired life quality. Your body is the engine, but your mind controls it. If your mind is repeatedly fed garbage, it will trickle into areas of your life. When we associate feeling and emotion with what our mind experiences, it affects our life. This is why music has significant power to affect one’s life. When we listen to music, our feelings are easily heightened or changed. Music can grab our focus and make us feel some type of way. It’s powerful. When our emotions are heightened, it trains our subconscious brain extra. And when we repeatedly listen to trash lifestyle music or watch garbage TV, the trash trickles into the listener’s life. And the more feelings & garbage audio one surrounds oneself with, the more it’s deeply routed in one’s subconscious brain.
    And here’s why you should be concerned with how your subconscious brain reacts. You cannot control the subconscious brain in the moment. When a situation occurs, your subconscious brain reacts sooner than your conscious brain. You cannot control your subconscious brain’s reactions in the moment; you can only train it in the present to affect its response in the future. And listening to garbage music and watching trash TV repeatedly affects the subconscious brain poorly (the mindset), ultimately affecting the engine of the body and everything else within one’s life. So, repeatedly feed your mind with nutritional beneficial wisdom because it will optimize your performance. Because most of the time, it’s not the most talented that are successful; it’s the ones who are the most strong-willed and those that can dodge the most distractions.

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