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  • For the person that works at the computer a lot:

    Posted by Max on March 17, 2023 at 11:12 pm

    For the person that works at the computer a lot:

    I wanted to single out this message to you because I’m in your boat. If your job or your hobbies revolve around the computer, your upper body, and shoulders can start to decrease in overall security, access, and functionality. You have to maintain a routine of health maintenance. The good news is.. it’s an easy fix.
    1) You can switch through different positions while being on the computer. There’s a variety of good resting positions that you can sit in while you look at the computer. Now you might not be able to use a ground desk at work, but you can still supplement good resting positions while working on the computer.

    2) You can also supplement counteractive exercises to prevent bad posture on the computer. Any activity that helps your upper back, shoulders, and spine is an excellent go-to.

    3) Doing decompression exercises pre & post-working on the computer can help alleviate compression.
    4) You can also invest in Inside Wrist Bone High Keyboards and Mouses to counteract poor movement behavior if you have collapsed or weak wrists. This and doing wrist/forearm exercises can help manage and prevent arthritis.

    5) Your eyes are constantly being affected by blue light. Try some blue light glasses, especially before bed, because the blue light from the computer will make it hard to fall asleep.
    6) Just be mindful of what positions your body is in. Is one hip hiked up higher than the other? Or is my body symmetrical or going from column to column with a bow and corner?

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