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  • How can I get faster & quicker, quicker?

    Posted by Max on April 8, 2023 at 10:04 pm

    Train yourself to do just that in a smart and efficient way…

    1) You don’t want setbacks. So make sure you’re not at risk for a non-contact injury. Your best ability is your availability. It doesn’t matter how much talent you have. If you get hurt, you cannot train to get faster.

    2) You need a DNA test to see if you have the ACTN3 sprint gene. Also, knowing how fast you’ll recover from your training will help you avoid setbacks & get better faster with more ability to train more. Because imagine… If you could recover faster, you would be able to train more, which means you ideally should be getting better. That is.. if your training benefits you and you give max effort.

    3) You need to tighten up your movement mechanics. Whether that’s quickness within your sport or in forward locomotion. You need to ensure your running mechanics are as efficient as possible. If you are leaking energy, that will make you slower.

    4) Nutritionally, eat well. You can’t out-train a poor diet. So, ensure you’re not constantly eating food that will slow you down. If you need to lose weight, doing so will make you faster & quicker.

    5) Add resistance training and sled work. Add a weighted vest. Move those things and your body under a weighted vest as fast as possible.

    6) Even visualization can help. If you see yourself constantly getting faster and faster, you’ll have a higher chance of getting faster. In contrast, you’re right if you don’t believe you will get faster.

    7) Make sure when you do your training, you’re staying hydrated. We can’t stress this enough! If you’re an athlete dehydrated during your workout or competition, it will affect your performance and gains.

    8) Own your technique in all movements so that you don’t have access restrictions within your body. If you want to get faster, do the resting squat and resting hinge to full access. Because if you have full mobility length with your fascia, you can create more torque when moving. That means you’ll be significantly faster.

    9) Let’s add some ATP fast twitch training to your regimen. You have to train fast to be fast! Just like you got to throw hard to throw hard! Ensure your body recovers after the ATP has depleted so that you aren’t training within a slower system when you do your fast twitch exercises.

    10) Compete against someone who’s faster and quicker than you constantly. If every time you run your sprints, someone next to you is faster than you. Try to surround yourself with those on the same mission as you and those who will pull you in the direction you want to go. That’s going to motivate you and push you to get faster.

    11) Lastly, add equipment or another stimulus to push you to be faster. Add consequences on the line when you don’t get faster with each rep. Maybe training with an elevation training mask could help you create a better engine, which could help you generate more power. This category could continue on and on, but we must save that for another post. Comment below any equipment ideas or things you like to use to work on fast-twitch training. We love the Inertia Wave at G8way Max!!!

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