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  • How do I create more “feel” as a throwing athlete?

    Posted by Max on April 6, 2023 at 11:15 pm

    First off, “feel” is having a nice touch. If you would say you have accuracy in all circumstances, then you have a high level of “feel” with your throw.

    So how do I create more “feel” as a throwing athlete?
    Move Better.

    It’s not rocket science. It’s plain and simple. If you have hiccups and hitches in your delivery/mechanics, you will have times within your throwing motion that derail your command. When you leak energy throughout your movement, the release of the object can get messed up, the energy force transfer can be decreased, and the accuracy or command of the object can be unintentionally left, right, high, or low. But if you constantly move well. You have tight columns, meaning you control your center of mass well. You’re able to manipulate energy side to side well. You have a very repeatable throwing motion because you have natural mechanics. You have great fluidity. Then, you’re going to have great feel.

    If your back leg cannot release all the way through rotation in your throw, that will hurt your accuracy. If your back leg doesn’t release all the way when you throw, you may miss more arm side or yank and pull. So, check out this video to see what the pros, Mark Moclair & Jake Eder say about “feel.”

    Feel is effortless. No pain.

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