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  • How do you hold your natural movement till the end of life?

    Posted by Max on April 13, 2023 at 10:34 pm

    Walk well.
    And don’t lose the walk.

    Walking well is definitely a skill in first-world countries. It’s so incredibly easy to lose one’s natural walk mechanics if one is not recoding. Because everyone in first-world countries is thrown into front-chain dominant positions. Think about it. When did you last see someone sitting in the resting squat to eat at a restaurant? Your memory is blank. That’s because when you eat at a restaurant, you sit at a booth or chair. You even drive in your car to the restaurant. And most likely, before G8way Max, you didn’t know that being in front-chain dominant positions for too long hurts you. But it’s funny because third-world hunters and gatherers will eat meals in the resting squat. And the indigenous are some of the best movers on the planet. Pain or non-contact injuries are like a myth to these hunters and gatherers. They walk well. They rest well. Their habits aren’t poorly affecting their innate natural movement. They don’t have phones that destroy their neck alignment. The indigenous load bows and release energy with corner shapes. They all have control of a strong foot. And they all have decompressed spines. It’s simply because their natural movement didn’t dissipate.
    So, simple enough, those in first-world countries must ensure that their walk holds all eight movement points. Ideally, their run too, but the walk has to be there. It’s significant to improve lifestyle habits, including diet, so that one’s natural movement can stick throughout the totality of one’s life. Those in first-world countries that want to maintain their natural movement should recode or perform corrective exercises that counter gravity and front-chain dominant movement behavior. That way, if they go a little backward at the moment because of sitting in the car too long, they don’t have any physical setbacks or hindrances to maintaining their natural movement.

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