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  • How should I assess my life as a high school athlete? A breakdown post

    Posted by Max on March 30, 2023 at 11:30 pm

    This post is intended to provide knowledge for high school athletes so that they can better their life.

    If you don’t constantly assess yourself, how do you know where you are or where you are going? If you have goals, how do you know if you are close?

    Below are several detailed assessment topics that you can use with some examples.

    Personal Health: I liked to stay up this week and play video games, and I got 8 hours of sleep each night. Even though I stayed up later, I felt good about my choices. I have been focused on my training and its overall impact on my athleticism. I’ve made significant strides this month to drink more water throughout the day.
    This is your sleep schedule. How did I do with sleep? How did I do with exercise and my fitness routines? Am I putting in the right work and effort in an efficient way? Am I moving closer to my athletic goals? Is my diet right? Am I maintaining a proper balance with my nutrition?

    Self Talk: I’ve been nervous about testing my arm out lately and getting in front of scouts. When I get in the moment, I think, what if I fail? I will replace that with positive self-talk and trust the process because I know everything happens for a reason.
    This is an essential area for young athletes because it is the driving force for all physical success. The best athletes had the best self-talk. Assess yourself and see where your self-talk is. Most people’s self-talk is negative. How is yours? When we engage in positive self-talk, we build a more positive self-image and enhance our self-confidence. This, in turn, can lead to better decision-making, increased resilience, and improved performance in various areas of life. Negative self-talk can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety. By practicing positive self-talk, we can reduce the negative impact of stress and anxiety on our mental and physical health. Self-talk affects how we interact with others. Positive self-talk can help us approach relationships with a more positive and empathetic mindset, leading to healthier and more fulfilling connections with others. When we engage in positive self-talk, we can build a more positive mindset and outlook on life. This can lead to increased motivation and productivity in various areas of life, including work, exercise, and personal goals.

    Dealing with Teammates and other relationships: I struggle with teammates who don’t work hard. I sometimes get peeved about it…but I’m going to replace that with either ignoring the thought or leading a group of others to motivate certain teammates.
    See where your relationships are. Assess the culture and environment around you. It might not be suitable to ignore thoughts that upset you but realize that it is there. What can you do to improve that thought or other thoughts? Are you making others around you better? Zig Ziglar once said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll eventually get what you want.” Another wise person said, “the five people you talk to the most have the greatest influence on your life.” How are your relationships, and how are they affecting your personal health and your self-talk?

    Dealing With Professors: I had a problem interacting with professors this week. I blew one of them off. I met with them initially, but I stopped meeting with them. I will replace that with A-solid commitment and focus. I’m going to try to meet with my teachers once a week.
    Be on a personal level! It’s sometimes super annoying to have to talk with your professors. But meeting with your teachers periodically will cause the teacher to associate you and your grades in a better light. Show that you care about your teachers. Meeting with your professor can help you clarify doubts or questions about the course material, assignments, or exams. Your professor can provide valuable feedback on your progress and help you identify areas where you need improvement.

    The inner circle of loved ones: I have been contacting my parents every day, which is better than what it was at TCA, but now I want to invest more time with them and not just talk about baseball.
    This can fall under relationships too, but it’s nice to assess even further. How’s your relationship with your family? Time is the most valuable currency. How are you making the most of your time with the ones you love the most? Am I spiritually improving with God?

    Education/Specifically HW: I procrastinate heavily. I’m going to replace that with good note-taking, and then I’m going to complete my HW ASAP so that I can get a rush of achievement!
    Assess yourself with a procrastination scale. Are you putting things off? Or are you getting things done in a timely manner? Sure, it’s okay to relax and take breaks, but you need to be growing your mind through school because this world is very competitive. You have to be smart to be successful. Finish your schoolwork so that you don’t wait till the last minute and turn in sloppy work. Remember, if you take your schooling seriously, you can save your parents a lot of money by getting academic scholarships.

    Time management: I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and doing that stuff, and sometimes it distracts me from baseball; girls distract me…so I’m going to replace that with getting baseball done first, focusing on priorities.
    I already mentioned that time is the most valuable currency. So how are you doing with your time? Are you staying organized? Are you balancing the time that you spend on social media? Are you using your time to better yourself and others?

    Mobility: I have horrible ankles and hips, so I will work on that more stretching thing..
    Where are you at with your mobility? If you can’t do a resting squat with your butt to the grass, you’re missing access. And if you can’t do the resting hinge in the forward fold, with straight legs and palms on the ground, you’re missing mobility. Assess yourself because mobility constraints hold back athleticism. Mobility constraints also lead to pain.

    Movement/Body Postures: I have been focusing significantly on my sleep. But more in-depth, I’ve been focusing on my sleep positions. I feel that I have acquired more athleticism with my lower half in my run and walk.
    It’s essential to know where you are with your movement. Because it’s a widespread, common sadness to note that most of the world’s population is starting to move away from their natural movement. The world’s feet are starting to constantly collapse and point out. More people are starting to have poor posture and bad gait due to losing their natural movement. Where are you with your natural movement? How is your body sitting in class when you are at a desk? How are you sitting in the car?

    Fulfilling Promises: I made a promise to my Dad that I was going to mow the lawn. I’m going to do that right now because that’s the only promise I have made that needs to be met.
    It’s important to realize that the relationships around us are so important. And relationships are founded upon trust. If you make promises, you need/want to live up to them. How are you doing with the promises you have made toward others? Can you do anything right now to meet those promises?

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