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    Posted by Max Mover on March 29, 2023 at 10:55 pm

    Here’s a fact. We all land and leave the ground. We do that with one leg at a time or with both legs simultaneously.

    Here’s another truth. Not all of us land on the ground and correctly absorb and load pressure. Furthermore, there has been a consistent increase in non-contact injuries and body pain every year. Just like landing, not all of us leave the ground correctly. Some of us struggle with releasing energy off one foot or both feet, and our bodies pay the price for it.

    Almost always, we land first on the ground with our outer extremities. Our feet or hands are our first connection to the ground. Suppose our outer extremities collapse when landing or leaving the environment. Then our skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems would be at risk, and our bodies would fail to reach maximum performance. At G8way Max, we always start our training and assessments with the outer extremities, ensuring we have safe hands and feet to let the rest of the body work the right way.

    Assess yourself. If your feet or hands collapse in sports, quality of life, work, daily activities, or even sleep, your body (especially your outer extremities) is at risk. You’ll find yourself having one or more of the following: tighter hips, tighter groins, poor ankle mobility, rolled ankles, flat feet, knee pain, back pain, or some other irregular alignment problem. In sports, you won’t be able to maximize your full performance because your first connection to the ground collapsed. Pain will creep into your body earlier than intended, and you will age faster until you fix the root problem.

    Our G8way Max clients use our slant boards to correct and solidify proper shapes within their outer extremities. Performing corrective exercises when standing or resting on the slant boards speeds up your outer extremities correction process by 30%! Your body learns to adapt to whatever stimuli you repeatedly give, and our slant boards help your brain and motor capabilities learn the proper shape of the hands and feet.

    *Insider tip: If you commit yourself to the process and purchase a remote program on the app, you’ll gain access to important content like “how to use the slant boards to improve your landing and leaving by 30%” as well.

    So, if you have toes, ankles, calves, shin splints, feet, knees, groins, and hamstrings that are in pain, or you have piriformis problems, sciatica problems, or back problems, you need to get slant boards and get on a plan that has an assessment. If you’re an athlete, whether young or in the prime of your career, you NEED that edge! Slant boards will speed up the process, and if you get on one of our online plans, you will reach your goals quicker.

    It’s all about your quality of life and your goals. We want what’s best for you, but you have to want that too. We’d love to be your outlet here at G8way Max. Let us know how we can serve you! Start Maximizing your Potential Today!

    Max Mover replied 1 year, 3 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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