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  • Some more science behind the movement system at G8way Max

    Posted by Max on March 31, 2023 at 11:16 pm

    Physical fitness and training have been essential for athletes and sports enthusiasts for decades. Traditional training methods mainly involve weightlifting, running, and using bands, which have existed since the 1940s-1960s. Off-season conditioning is necessary to maintain an athlete’s performance and physical fitness, but the question remains: what is the best way to do it?

    Many coaches believe that weightlifting is necessary for an athlete’s training regimen, as it promotes self-discipline, confidence, and social well-being. It also has physical benefits. However, with advancements in technology and the growing amount of information, the half-life of knowledge is shrinking, making it essential to explore new and innovative training techniques that are more effective. One’s best ability is their availability. And at G8way Max, we know how to keep our athletes non-contact injury free while increasing their performance. This is because our movement system is scientifically sound.

    The golden ratio is a natural sequence that describes how life grows and how energy is stored, absorbed, and released. The Golden ratio and Benford’s law are mathematical sequences found in nature. The Golden ratio describes the growth and energy storage in living organisms. At the same time, Benford’s law states that the leading digits in a collection of data sets will probably be small. The correlation between the two laws is that they match up with the natural growth and patterns found in living organisms, including the human body’s movement and the development of plants. Applying these laws in training can help identify energy inefficiencies in the body and prevent injuries before they become an issue. One such technique is G8way max, which revolutionizes training by strengthening optimal movements based on the golden ratio and the greatest movers ever to exist.

    Using this mathematical sequence, G8way max can determine how energy travels in the body and identify energy inefficiencies that could lead to future pain and injury. With this knowledge, coaches can prevent injuries before they occur by utilizing an upstream model. It all starts with the feet! The golden ratio and Benford’s law also match perfectly with hunters and gatherers in third-world countries, centenarian sprinters, and super-athletes with no non-contact injuries. So the blueprint at G8way Max is remarkable. This is why, our athletes succeed and don’t have pain.

    Another significant benefit of G8way max is that it can increase muscle and strength while training movement to reduce pain and injury. They go hand in hand. Furthermore, this innovative training technique is suitable for all ages, from children to seniors, promoting optimal physical health throughout one’s life. Save your connective tissue!

    It is important to note that traditional weightlifting methods still have their place in physical fitness and training. G8way max does not aim to discredit or undermine these methods but rather complement them by introducing new techniques that may be more effective in reducing the risk of injury and improving overall physical fitness.

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