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  • What can I gain from knowing my genetics & procuring a DNA kit?

    Posted by Max on March 30, 2023 at 9:34 pm

    It is a fact that nutrition is crucial, and the quality of what we consume significantly impacts our overall health. For instance, understanding the food that suits your body type for weight gain or loss is critical. With the information from the DNA kit, you can tailor your diet to fit your body’s specific requirements.
    At G8way Max, we passionately advocate for individuals to invest in a personalized DNA kit to gain comprehensive insights into their genetic makeup.
    But why… Because if you had the best blueprint for your life.. aka your genetics, everything in your life would improve.
    Our DNA kit offers an in-depth analysis of your genetics, providing information on aspects that matter to you, such as your dietary needs and deficiencies in essential vitamins.

    Another example of how genetics influences our lifestyle is exercise. Do you know how quickly your muscles recover after a workout? Such knowledge can help you take the necessary steps to maintain peak performance throughout your day. If your fitness goal is weight loss, you must understand that slow-moving exercises in excess may not be ideal if your genetic code contains two sprint genes. Instead, your body needs more trainings that align with the fast-twitch gene. A tailored plan based on your genetic makeup could save you years in achieving your goals.

    Vitamin B plays a crucial role in adequately functioning the body’s nervous system; however, vitamin deficiency can cause grogginess and sluggishness. Furthermore, deficiencies in vitamins can cause a host of problems. However, by understanding your genetic makeup and what it says about you, you can take the necessary steps to address the deficiencies. For instance, if you are deficient in vitamin B, consuming salmon regularly can help. If your body is constantly inflamed because of deficiencies, your recovery time will be low, and your gains will occur slower.

    In addition, understanding your genetics can help you identify your risk levels for various health conditions, such as the impact of alcohol consumption on your body. Knowing how much caffeine you can consume daily without impacting your heart health or keeping you up at night is also critical information.

    At G8way Max, we believe that knowledge is power, and understanding your genetics is vital to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Remember, you cannot out-train a poor diet, so it is essential to tailor everything to your genetic makeup. Do not let your limits hold you back; instead, imagine a life without them and take the first step by gaining knowledge about your genetic makeup.

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