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  • What can I learn from being on a training call with my G8way Max coach?

    Posted by Max on April 18, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    Training calls are beneficial for several reasons.

    1. Because the calls are remote via Zoom or within the app, most of our users hop on their calls at home. Again, most G8way Max movers answer the training calls at home. This actually creates a valuable & unique training environment. Some will phone into the training call at the gym, but primarily we notice as coaches that most of the time, the trainees are at home. Not only is this convenient for the trainee, but it’s effective for their situation. This has happened many times before. Our coaches are able to improve G8way Max movers’ lifestyle strategies while they are at home on the training calls. Your physical environment at home directly affects how your body recovers, exists, and performs, because you spend hours at home. How are you resting at home? Our coaches are able to assess how one sits on the couch. Our GMAX team of coaches is able to assess your environment & your movement, providing insider tips to maximize your environment for your benefit, not your mistake.
    2. You get an expert coach who knows how to think outside the box. One time a GMAX mover didn’t have a sled to access. And if you don’t know, training with a sled is helpful because it helps us pattern the 8 Movement Points when we move, while getting more athletic. Pushing the sled adds a unique stimulus: when you focus on straight feet, Inside Ankle Bone High, and the other 6 Movement Points, you staple it even more. So one time, one of our coaches planned to progress a G8way mover with training on the sled. Well, he didn’t have a sled, so they planned to have the training call at a grocery store. The student mover filled up his grocery cart, and the training call took place on how to push that cart as best as possible. In this situation, the G8way Coach was able to work around certain obstacles to achieve the maximum result. One training call could give you a whole new awareness that would change your athletic career.
    3. You will be instantly assessed on the fly, outside our standard assessments. You could be assessed through balance tests, Inside Wrist Bone High Tests, vision tests, and more. When you’re able to work visually with our expert coaches, they can see things physically with you and your environment & relay corrective information that will connect your physical and mental dots.
    4. Our training calls are very communicative. If you have ever gone to the doctor and told the doctor how you were feeling, this is similar. The coach and student will work together on Mindset, Nutrition if needed, Movement, & Performance on training calls. Our coaches answer all your questions with the goal to get you to your goals as fast as possible. We want to equip you with the proper knowledge so you can train yourself & be your best coach. Our coaches will lead the training call, but be prepared to work through things.
    5. You’ll be able to understand your program even more. When you get on a training call with a G8way coach, our guys and girls can show you how to flow through your routine better. Our team will go into depth on your blueprint: your scorecard, assessment, and recode. They will speed up the process for you faster than any movement coach out there.

    Getting on a training call is an investment, but the return on investment is significant. The whole training call will be exactly what you need. Totally personalized.

    Max replied 12 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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