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  • What destroys a dog’s movement & ultimately leads to body problems?

    Posted by Max on April 7, 2023 at 11:17 pm

    This is interesting. We love our little pets. They bring us joy.

    It is sad when your pet is injured. We have heard of pets tearing their ACLs, having crooked legs, hip dysplasia, and even spine and neck problems. Here are a few ways to avoid these issues with your dog or other animals.

    When you hold them, or they rest on you, be mindful of their positions and leg shapes. Crooked legs and pointed-out paws, similar to duck feet in humans, can cause deterioration in your animal’s hips and joints. We encourage pet owners to limit how much their animals walk and run on tile and hardwood floors. These surfaces are too slippery for their feet and cause them to slide out with their legs, almost like skating on a hockey rink. Running on slippery surfaces makes it hard for them to rotate and keep their Inside Paw Bone High. Just like how skaters skate Inside Ankle Bone Low, greasy surfaces will mess up their movement mechanics when a repetitive overload occurs.

    Similar to how we were not intended or designed to walk barefoot on concrete, we try to limit it with our dogs. We cannot be perfect, but the animal needs to spend significant durations running in the grass. Walking and running for all animals and humans can help recode the body. For animals, walking and running can help clean up poor postures over time, and these two locomotions can help animals clean up some mechanics that were deteriorated from slippery floors. So again, animals need to spend quality time in the grass. Another reason is that grass provides electrons throughout the body that heal the body quicker (grounding). So, overall being mindful of the animal’s legs & positions and helping make a better environment for them will all help prevent injury and improve their well-being.

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