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  • What Do We All Have In Common?

    Posted by Max on August 26, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    Everyone is different, but we all have one thing in common. Every person on this planet has the same amount of time in a day. We all have different heights, skills, and backgrounds; however, we share the same 24 hours. How you spend your 24 hours every day is your choice, and it will impact everything in your life.

    See, it’s important because you can’t get it back. Time is a currency; you cannot get it back once you spend it. You can buy more time, but it’s not giving you extra hours on top of a 24-hour day. You’re just freeing up your schedule to spend time elsewhere.


    Make sure you CHOOSE to spend your time on what you know is vital for you and your goals. The time you spend and what you do with each hour has to align with your vision. It would be best if you spent your time on things that improved your quality of life; that way, you could enjoy more time in the future. Don’t spend your time on things that can harm your future or make you dread tomorrow. Your time has to positively impact your relationships, family, self, and environment because if you spend your time on things that don’t match your blueprint or on things that truly don’t benefit you, you’re wasting time. And once you spend time, it cannot come back.

    It’s essential to monitor where you spend your time. Relaxing and decompressing from stressors is a great way to spend time; however, not too much relaxing where it takes time away from vital areas you care about – your work and your family.

    To know where you should spend your time, you need to know your blueprint and life goals. If you do not know where you’re going, you cannot expect to land where you want to be. You must be specific. You have a purpose and must use your time wisely pursuing that purpose. Understand this scenario. Robin Hood, the best bowsman ever, can put an arrow back to back on a bullseye 100% of the time from 50 yards away. He competes against you in a competition. Now you probably have little to no skills in archery, so everyone would bet against you. But here’s the thing. Robin Hood is blindfolded. He’s spun around a few times in a circle without an idea where the target is. You, the competition, are put facing the bullseye. You can see the bullseye with your eyes. Who do you think has the best chance of hitting the target, Robin Hood or you?

    You do because you have a clear and focused objective. You’re eye is on the prize. You are facing your goal, so you are able to head towards it. You know where you’re going, so you have a greater chance of getting there. And thus, you’re more likely to spend your time in the right places to help you achieve your objective.

    Robin Hood could have been more talented, better suited for the competition, and everyone supporting him instead of you, but if Robin Hood didn’t know where he was going, he would never hit the bullseye.

    Find your vision, purpose, and what excites you. And spend every day maximizing your time to align with these things.

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