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  • What do we mean when we say, “buy yourself more freedom?”

    Posted by Max Mover on April 6, 2023 at 10:53 pm

    Freedom is something to be grateful for. Whether you have freedom in the country you live in, freedom to live your life how you choose, or freedom to say what you please, you know you’re grateful for freedom. And at G8way Max, we know that eliminating pain opens the door to freedom. Meaning when you have pain, it limits your purpose. Meaning if you can’t do what you were designed to do, then you’re going to be miserable and wish you had freedom.
    Now, what if you had extra freedom with your physical body?

    Kind of interesting to think about. How is that possible? What do we mean?

    Let us put it into perspective by using two situational baseball analogies. Let’s say we are in the Major Leagues, and Coach Jacob is pitching to you. You’re at home plate (if you’re not a natural baseball player, assume you hit home runs on almost every swing; so you’re a stud). Coach Jacob is on the mound throwing your direction. Now Coach Jacob throws 75 mph.

    Now assume another situation. You’re still at home plate and facing the pitcher. Now instead of Coach Jacob this time, you’re facing Coach Colin. Now Coach Colin throws 110 mph. Are you scared? Maybe, hah. But that’s not the point.

    This is.

    Which pitcher do you think has more room for error? Say both pitchers miss right down the middle of the plate, right where you want it as a hitter. Which pitcher do you think has more of a likable chance to miss down the middle and still not fail, still not give up a hit?

    The answer is Coach Colin, who throws 110 mph.

    Coach Colin has more freedom to throw down the middle (a baseball player’s sweet spot) because he throws significantly hard. No matter how good you are, you, the hitter, will have a harder time hitting Coach Colin than Jacob in this situation. You have less time to react to a 110 mph than 75 mph. So, Coach Colin can miss his throwing target more often than not because he throws hard enough to get away with making a command mistake. But for Jacob, he has to be almost perfect to pitch to you and get you out because you’re a stud, remember?

    So, applying this scenario back to the “buy yourself more freedom” topic about pain..

    You need to buy yourself more room for error so that when you sit in the car longer because you got stuck in traffic, your back doesn’t ache. You’ve prolonged the time it takes for your spine to now say, “oh, I’m tight and compressed now.” You’ve bought yourself more freedom to sit on the couch a little longer. You can sit in front-chain dominant positions in the chair because you’ve spent enough time recoding and moving well to where you can afford to sit however you want and not have pain.

    So, buy yourself physical freedom. And then, spend it however you want.

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