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  • What does it mean if I have the double sprint gene in my genetic code?

    Posted by Max on March 21, 2023 at 10:11 pm

    The ACTN3 gene, also known as the “sprint gene,” plays a role in muscle function and has been associated with athletic performance, particularly in activities that involve explosive power, such as sprinting. The ACTN3 gene codes for a protein called alpha-actinin-3, which is found in fast-twitch muscle fibers.

    It is beneficial to note that once someone knows what their genetics say about their body, they can tailor their workouts and all training routines to match their genetics. So, in this case, if one had the double sprint gene, they would need to supplement at least 4 of the seven days of their week with fast-twitch exercises. Now, the sport that an athlete plays will also dictate their type of training; however, genetics plays a significant role in the training style for the client. Reach out to a coach if you have purchased the DNA test because a G8way coach can tailor your fitness program to be more specific and personalized.

    The sprint gene is just one-factor influencing athletic performance, and many other genetic and environmental factors also play a role. Having a double sprint gene does not guarantee that you will be a successful athlete in your sport; however, it could offer a significant advantage. There are many ways to improve athletic performance, such as training, nutrition, and overall health and wellness; this is another variable to get to peak performance.

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