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  • What if I feel I’m too old to fix myself?

    Posted by Max on April 18, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    We cannot control our age number, but we can control how we age.

    But what if our youth was years ago? Let’s be honest. Now we have had several surgeries under our belt. Some pre-existing injuries and conditions have caused us to age faster than we’d like. We might have some extra pounds that aren’t helping the healthy motive. What if I feel I’m too old to be fixed, and maybe I found G8way Max a little too late? Is there still hope for me physically?

    It does take time and effort to make a change. There’s nothing around that, but it takes just a few minutes in the day, consistently, to make a long-lasting change in the long run. You don’t know how long you have left with the life you have, but you CAN have a higher quality life today and tomorrow. You can diminish your physical pain, if not eliminate it. But, it takes one small right step today and repetitively for your future. You need to find as many “why’s” to motivate you every day. Because it’s easier not to do what’s best for you than it is to do what’s best for you. You will have to show up more. That’s why you need to have enough driving force to commit to improving physically because, YES, there’s always something you can do. No matter how old you are, you can still improve your body physically. For example, learning how to massage your fascia would be helpful for bound-up tension. What if you have daily habits that are poorly affecting your physical health? There’s definitely enough time in the day to fix that! All you need is 21 days of commitment to break those habits! It’s totally possible! But let’s be honest. You’re the answer. You’re the only one who can do it for you. If you truly want to have fewer aches and pains throughout the day.. if you truly want to play catch with your grandkids.. if you truly want your independence till the end of your life.. if you truly want to leave the best of you and not the rest of you; then you should take the small step each and every day to improve your physicality. But.. it needs to be the right step, and it needs to start with you.

    Please reach out to us so we can develop a hyper-personalized routine for you. We want to avoid all hiccups and treat everything you do with care. If you are committed to bettering yourself regardless of your age, let’s do it together.

    Max replied 12 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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