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  • What is a non-contact injury?

    Posted by Max on March 29, 2023 at 11:43 pm

    Non-contact injuries can occur during physical activity without any external force or object. These damages include muscle strains, ligament sprains, and joint dislocations, commonly occurring in sports. Interestingly enough, even if an upper-body collision results in a lower-body injury, it can still be classified as a non-contact injury since the lower body did not receive any external contact.

    To prevent non-contact injuries, focusing on improving movement efficiency while reducing stress on connective tissues is essential. By moving naturally and flawlessly, individuals can lower their risk of putting their bodies at risk. This is where G8way Max comes into play, utilizing their innovative recode exercises to instill the subconscious brain with the natural and proper way to move. Their approach acknowledges that the human body was designed to move in a certain way, and deviating from these natural movement patterns can increase the risk of injury.

    Maintaining natural movement patterns is critical to reducing the risk of non-contact injuries. Those who move like the Centenarian Sprinters and prioritize maintaining their natural movement patterns are less susceptible to non-contact injuries. Their connective tissues and joints benefit from honest and efficient movements, enabling them to move without damage. With the proper training and resting positions, individuals can re-establish their natural movement patterns and reap the benefits of reduced injury risk. Our approach combines science and innovation to help individuals achieve their best physical performance while reducing their risk of non-contact injuries.

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