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  • What is your best ability as an athlete?

    Posted by Max Mover on April 17, 2023 at 3:47 pm

    If you look in the athletic mirror, would you say you’re best ability is your strength? Or is your best ability your mental acuity? Oh, maybe it’s speed? Hopefully, it’s something more than genetic talent. Is your best ability your communication skills, teamwork, or power?

    Well.. If you said any of those above as your best ability, you need to look back in the athletic mirror and check your availability rate. See, you’re only the best athlete you can be if your best ability is your availability. Because if you miss matches, games, and competitions because your body wasn’t available, you lost a whole day’s opportunity. Because if you ask the coach you play for or the organization that sponsors you a question like this: “We hear Johnny is so strong and fast, and he’s always contributing to the team; how would you say he is athletically in this sport?” Your coach could say, “Well, he’s never able to play because he’s hurt. He’s just never available.” Or your coach could say, “Johnny is great; however, I wish he could stay healthier more to contribute more to the team.
    And if your coach didn’t say that, some supporting fan out there who loves the team you play for wants you to be available more.

    Seriously, you can’t contribute to your sport if you’re constantly injured or unavailable. That’s why the Recode is powerful. First, you want your movement broken down, frame by frame, by an expert coach. And then you want to correct those flaws to be more available. You also want to find ways to speed up your recovery. You want to speed up your recovery because 1) you can train more and 2) you can be available more. And once you’re available more, guess what? All the areas above that you said were your “best ability” will be even more apparent once you’re available 24/7.

    Pain is limiting. Imagine life without limits.

    Max Mover replied 1 year, 3 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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