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  • What is the 3rd Movement Point, Columns?

    Posted by Max on April 15, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    Your columns can be tight when you rest. You could be a fist width apart between each foot. You could be even tighter with your stance. You could rest on one leg, and that one leg that you’re resting on is a “column.” When you run, your columns can get wide, and they can also get tight when you get to top speed. When you throw or hit, your columns can be wide laterally and then brought back into a tight rope for accuracy, efficiency, and power.
    Whatever your columns look like, whether you’re resting or moving, as long as you’re within your columns and manipulating them to your advantage (subconsciously or consciously), you will have a more durable life.

    Check out this Educ8 video on the 3rd Movement Point, Columns:

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