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  • What is the 4th Movement Point, Back Chain Dominance?

    Posted by Max on April 15, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    First, Back Chain Dominance means the posterior chain must dominate the front chain. So, physically the glutes and hamstrings need to be stronger than the quads and groins. That also means that the glutes and hamstrings must be more muscular and defined than the quads & groins. The back, scaps & lats need to be stronger and more shredded than the chest and abs. The back of the shoulders and the triceps must be stronger and more dominant than the bicep and the anterior shoulder. The posterior forearms need to dominate the inner forearms. This is because BCD is stronger and more durable than FCD.
    A healthy life from pain and ache comes from being Back Chain Dominant or posterior chain dominant. That’s how the body was designed. When the body becomes front chain prevalent in areas, the structures of the bones become collapsed and asymmetrical.

    The spine is the biggest engine of the body. It’s been said before that you will have a healthy life if you have a healthy spine. But a poor spine will yield an unhealthy life. This isn’t always entirely true, but there is some truth in that statement. Pain can limit us. That’s because pain is limiting. Imagine life without limits. It comes from being Back Chain Dominant.

    Check out this Educ8 video on the 4th Movement Point, Back Chain Dominance:

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