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  • What is the 5th Movement Point, Bows?

    Posted by Max on April 15, 2023 at 5:33 pm

    We all want Bows! Bows are strong and explosive. Bows are a sign of load capability. The squat, a.k.a. the double bow, is a basic fundamental movement of life. We squat to pick up heavy things. We land in the bow for security on one or two legs. Bows are crucial for a healthy physical frame. If we fail to create a Bow shape when we move, we absorb pressure from the ground force in our knees or ankles. We have a lower power output if we fail to load into the bow. That’s why athletes need to load energy with the bow.

    Check out this Educ8 video on the 5th Movement Point, Bows:

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