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  • What is the 7th Movement Point, Center of Mass Control?

    Posted by Max on April 15, 2023 at 5:23 pm

    As an athlete, but also for any healthy life, one must control their center of mass. Because all are affected by gravity, one must be able to control their center of mass. We could be at risk if we run and our head gets thrown way to the right or left outside of our columns. When the head can’t work in unison with the lower half, inaccuracy can occur with one’s strike to the ground. The head can miss alignment with the foot or the column, or be outside the body’s frame. When this occurs, one can start to feel aches in certain areas or be at risk of hurting oneself in such areas.
    As an athlete, one needs to be able to manipulate one’s center of mass. The reason why is that it will make you faster and more efficient. Controlling your COM while you hit a baseball can help you generate more power. Manipulating your COM as a wide receiver as you try to make a cut can make you more deceptive.
    Check out this Educ8 video on the 7th movement point, Center of Mass Control:

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