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  • What is the 8th Movement Point, Spinal Freedom?

    Posted by Max Mover on April 15, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    Spinal Freedom is the final movement point that holds a common characteristic of the world’s greatest movers. If you have spinal freedom, you have a long and decompressed spine. Gravity doesn’t affect you like someone who doesn’t have this movement point. For the spine that has freedom, there’s enough adequate space between each vertebrae. One who has spinal freedom will have the freedom to side bend naturally. Their spinal freedom will show because they have maxed out their thoracic rotation. They have the ability to manipulate the lumbar spine all the way down to the sacrum bone as they please. Their spinal erectors are strong, shredded, and durable. They have a primal tunnel down their spine. Those with spinal freedom use their spine well in unison with their lower body. When they walk and run, their spine rotates correctly to use energy in their favor.

    If you do not have spinal freedom, your spinal disks may be squished, causing intense irritation. You probably are front-chain dominant. Your spine is locked up. The spinal erectors don’t have the ability to get long and short to create power and accuracy.
    If you are missing spinal freedom, it can be fixed by developing a stronger back chain. Also, improving one’s overall gait will improve any missing access within the spine. Certain exercises can also promote more mobility within the thoracic spine and more freedom in the lumbar.

    Check this video.

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