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  • What is the Drop In? Why is the Drop In important?

    Posted by Max Mover on April 15, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    The Drop In is so important!! It’s one of the top G8way Max edges. It’s the accumulation of all 8 Movement Points and is how the Greatest of All Time Movers physically appear when they move. You’d find the Drop In Position if you took a screenshot on one leg of one of these innately secure movers.
    You will reach your peak speeds if you can create the loudest form of the Drop In (most explosive). Because the Drop In has:

    Control of a Straight Foot

    Inside Ankle Bone High

    Control of Columns
    Back Chain Dominance

    Loading in the Bow

    Launching in the Corner

    Center of Mass Control

    Spinal Freedom

    These above movement points in total are essential to having no non-contact injuries and achieving one’s highest athletic capability.
    The Drop In doesn’t always have to be “loud” or explosive. When you watch the greatest movers of the world walk, they still go from the right Drop In to the left Drop In. This is because these movers can “quiet” the Drop In down. When you walk, the leg will only bow about 11 degrees; however, when you sprint, the bow can bow up to 22.5 degrees. Still, both the walk and run require Drop In shapes for healthy and durable lives.

    Check out this Educ8 video on the Drop In:

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