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  • When I jog, should my heels touch the ground?

    Posted by Max on April 15, 2023 at 8:47 pm

    Proper footstrike when running and even jogging is essential to analyze. Many people jog for fitness. So let’s answer: Should the heels touch the ground? Some people would say the answer is based on what type of footstrike runner you are. Some people would say that if you’re a forefoot runner, you should land on the ball of your foot & leave the same way. If you’re a mid-foot runner, you should land on the middle of your foot. And lastly, if you’re a heel-striking runner, then that’s okay; that means you should land with your heel and leave with the toe. That’s what some running coaches would say. First off, regardless of whether the heel touches the ground or not, if one cannot keep Inside Ankle Bone High and all toes glued to the ground, then that’s the biggest problem. Those with flat feet do not absorb energy well physically.
    But to answer the question, yes, your heels should stay up when running and even jogging. Fight to let the heel touch the ground when you jog or sprint. This is because you want to be as back-chain dominant as possible. Think of almost all cases that the Drop is exemplified. Most of the time, that heel is up. It’s because that really turns on the calves and hamstrings.
    When you heel strike, the heel bone takes a critical hit that can cause tendinitis and other catastrophic injuries if one isn’t careful.
    Running faster is all about decreasing the time spent on the ground and the time in the air. So, if you can hit the ground and leave it really quickly and be ready for the next step to do the same, you’ll be pretty fast! Now, if the heel strikes the ground, it’s inevitable that one will still have to leave the ground from the ball of the foot. If you don’t believe us, try running forward with just your heels on the ground; don’t let your toes touch the ground. It’s not possible to go fast this way. So, if you want to run fast, you shouldn’t let the heel touch the ground because extra ground contact time is slowing you down.

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