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  • Why are my sleep patterns hindering my performance?

    Posted by Max on April 11, 2023 at 8:37 pm

    You walk more than you run. You rest more than you walk. And your sleep is the activity that lasts the longest when you rest. So, if your sleep is constantly poor, it will eventually trickle within your sport, physical activities, or health. For example, if you are Inside Ankle Bone Low when you sleep and are Inside Ankle Bone Low when you walk and run, it will be significantly harder to transform your feet to Inside Ankle Bone High because more than one area is struggling. It is definitely possible; it will just take more reps. The same thing for Back Chain Dominance applies in this situation. If we fail to be Back Chain Dominant when we stand or move forward, and we sleep every night on our stomach in the front-chain position, then the exercises we do during the day to counteract the wrong positions will be negatively affected by 8 hours of poor sleep position training. Notice how we used the word “training” when referring to sleep. YES, you can get better while you sleep! YES, you can get better at your sport when you sleep! Check out the Sleep Video on your Beginner 2 Rewards Page (You have to level up to Beginner 2 to receive).
    Your sleep positions could affect mobility within your deep squat and resting hinge. You’ll know this and feel this. You’ll wake up tighter every morning versus getting into bed the night before because your body is not recovering well. This is most likely from sleep positions but can be from other variables. So, our sleep can limit our daily range of motion. And a limited range of motion consistently will affect one’s athletic performance.
    So, quality of sleep is essential. Not getting enough REM cycles each night will poorly affect your brain’s sharpness, response rate time, and fatigue level. So, this can drastically affect your performance. We recommend IDLIFE’s Sleep Strips to help you still get the benefits of REM Cycles each night even if you didn’t get any or great sleep. The sleep strips will also help you get to sleep faster!

    Ensure you learn from all the Sleep Education videos within the app! Contact a coach or comment below if you have any questions about your sleep!

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