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  • Why can doing my recode consistently make me more confident?

    Posted by Max on April 9, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    One of the things we strive for at G8way Max is to help others fulfill their purpose. Meaning you were designed with a purpose and an intention. And we know that pain can take you away from your purpose. If you aim to bring the world joy through song, pain can take you away from doing what you were intended to do. Competing with pain can be challenging if you’re an athlete, especially when that’s your mission. If you’re a barber or hair stylist and your wrists are causing you pain, that will be challenging on your mind. That could be not easy if you’re a nurse and can’t walk from room to room or lift others up to put them in bed. So on a career level, getting out of pain & improving one’s movement flaws can increase confidence. Self-confidence can also arise from the beneficial exercise one does. If you are getting better physically and staying healthy, that can boost your confidence.

    If you get a six-pack and lose 100 pounds, that could increase your confidence. In contrast, if you never work out and eat poorly all day, that can negatively affect your mental state. So, here’s a quick video on why your recode and improving your movement can make you more confident.

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