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  • Why does success leave clues?

    Posted by Max Mover on April 15, 2023 at 12:06 pm

    If you want to be successful in any field, you need to know historically what those who have been on the same path as you have done. Meaning, if you want to be successful in basketball, you should study MJ and the greats. You should study the best all-time scorers and the ones who are the best at defense. Find a similar player to you that was successful. Study their thought process, game plan, routine, and mental decisions. Understanding their path to success could help you get there quicker. We promise, if they are successful, there will be at least one thing you can gather to propel your journey. If you’re a baseball player who desires to be great, study what the greats did. Study how the pitchers grip their pitches. Analyze their movement patterns. Analyze how they mentally prepare before an at-bat because I promise their successes will speak volumes.

    At G8way Max, we spent thousands of hours analyzing the greatest movers on the planet. We knew success leaves clues, so we wanted to know why some could go an entire career or life without non-contact injuries. And it’s interesting… if you watch the slow-motion videotape on non-contact catastrophic injuries and the greatest movers who didn’t have non-contact injuries, the differences are night and day. Even those who were failures in sports or failures in your field can show you clues on what not to do. Meaning, you can learn from one’s successes & processes, but you can also learn from one’s mistakes. We learned that every time the Inside Ankle Bone collapses, the body now has a significantly higher percentage of non-contact injury risk. We saw trends from poor movers who got hurt and great movers who didn’t.

    Through analysis of one’s successful journey, another person can learn volumes from their experience, actions, and process & then use the knowledge acquired to propel them further toward success.

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