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  • Why does improving one’s Bow and Corner improve one’s vertical jump height?

    Posted by Max on April 15, 2023 at 11:31 am

    Your movement quality is affecting your vertical jump, either in a good way or a bad way. If you want to jump higher, you need to ensure that your hips and ankles are swiveling the right way. If your hips aren’t loading with the bow and releasing with the corner, then you’re not going to maximize your vertical jump. Also, if you’re missing access, that’s going to limit your energy production and output.

    It’s simple. If you can’t open your hips externally as much as possible (because you’re missing access or have less quality movement), & you can’t corkscrew your legs into the ground to set an explosive bow, you won’t be able to create as much torque or energy to load into your jump. And even if you have maxed out your load or bow with your jump, if your heels shoot in while the toes go out to explode out of the bow, then you’re never going to jump as high had you jumped and released from the ground with “corner” shapes. This is because, when you launch up and away from the ground, the legs need to be spiraling in your favor, not working against you. But when the legs spiral in the opposite direction of which energy should flow, it limits the vertical height one can jump. Usually, when the release is bad, the one jumping is more front-chain dominant than back-chain dominant. So, even being more back-chain dominant can help increase the vertical height of someone because the glutes will always be stronger than the quads, which means more explosive drive.

    If you want to increase your vertical jump, use slow-motion technology to assess how you load and release energy. Make sure you are loading into the squat as you explode up. And make sure you’re releasing energy correctly because all you’re maintained access and quality movement efficiency will carry over to having an impressive vertical jump.

    Remember that many factors apply to increasing one’s vertical jump, not only movement technique. For example, this could be practicing to jump higher with explosive training, or adding certain stimulants to improve one’s vertical height.

    Remember, if you want to improve your vertical height, you must measure it and track your progress in relation to your training.

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