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  • Why is the lateral calf the new bicep?

    Posted by Max Mover on April 6, 2023 at 10:39 pm

    It’s funny because if you surf Youtube or Instagram, you’ll find a bunch of dumbells moving in one direction. And these dumbells are moving up and down. It’s because everyone is drawn to building the biceps! You’ll see people wearing tank tops to video this exercise…
    What exercise are they doing?

    The Bicep Curl.

    Oh boy. This is a big one. Everyone is out there nowadays trying to get big biceps. It’s a fitness craze! I’ve even heard guys say, “curls are for the girls.” And they actually believe that bicep curls will get them more attraction from the ladies. And what do they do in the gym? Straight bicep curls. Over. And over.

    Now bicep curls will build hypertrophy in your arms. Your bicep muscle will get bigger from bicep curls. There’s no doubt about it! But we need to change the bicep curl craze to the foot pressure awareness craze. It’s seriously insane, but almost everyone’s feet are messed up. Now you already know that bad feet are no bueno because they put the body at risk. But everybody’s feet are collapsing. Out of everybody we assess at G8way Max, most people have collapsed feet. And everyone’s doing bicep curls when they need to do lateral calves and foot-strengthening exercises! We need to start a craze for the lateral calf, please! Because if you have a strong lateral calf and it’s shredded… chances are you will be Inside Ankle Bone High. And then, chances are, you won’t get hurt. But if your feet collapse, chances are you will get hurt. Most people that come to G8way Max have no defined lateral calf, just an interior calf. A lack of muscle within the lateral calf will put the body at risk. So go ahead and absolutely shred your lateral calf!!

    Do some Foot Pressure Awareness!!

    Will you join the lateral calf or bicep craze? Or both?!

    Side Note – If you want to know how to do bicep curls and get more movement involved in that exercise, contact us in the app or comment below, and we can post a video.

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