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  • Why is uphill training a good training stimulus for the body?

    Posted by Max on April 9, 2023 at 5:15 pm

    Uphill training staples Back Chain Dominance. If you struggle with feeling the backside of your legs, a.k.a. you’re quad dominant, try your exercises on an uphill surface. The uphill slope manipulates the foot and hips to react to the stimulus. Doing Drop In’s uphill or doing groundwork uphill offers a different type of awareness that one only gets from training on flat ground. It’s harder to be front chain dominant on an uphill surface than on a flat ground surface. This is why it’s great to go on hikes up the mountains!

    If you want to become more Back Chain Dominant, run uphill. WALK UPHILL. Get on the treadmill and move on an incline. Performing forward locomotion uphill is fantastic. You can even work diagonal routes for patterning cuts if you’re a football player. If you don’t have an uphill area around you, try it out on slant boards. Get creative with it.

    Targeting each exercise rep directly to the posterior chain makes a difference.
    Imagine knowing that every rep you did when you worked out targeted precisely the muscles you wanted.

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