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  • Why should I use support in my exercises?

    Posted by Max Mover on April 15, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    If you remember back in PE class back in the day, or if you remember back when you started learning basic exercises in the weight room like the back squat or front squat, you probably didn’t use the barbell. You may have even started with only body weight. You also may have been part of a class that made you squat with a PVC pipe instead of a barbell.

    Why did your coach make you do that? It’s because they were concerned with technique and form. Your weight room coaches made you spot your partner, to give them support if they were to fail. The coaches knew that if they could instill proper technique prior to loading the barbell with substantial weight, it could decrease your future injuries in the weight room and help you learn proper technique so you could maximize each rep. Those coaches knew if you could rep out exercises with better form, you’ll get more out of the exercise compared to if you cheated yourself, having bad form.

    So, why should you value support? At G8way Max, we’ve seen guys that could back squat 400 pounds but couldn’t hold a perfect Drop-In with only body weight for longer than 30 seconds (while still using support). Now, imagine how “strong” that person is who can squat really heavy; however, they can’t hold the most important running shape that someone should have, the Drop-In. The Drop-In is hard for that person because they have to have enough strength (in the right places) to hold up all their body weight. This is why most people who can squat 400 pounds, still struggle with holding the Drop-In ISO position for a long time. It’s because their body isn’t necessarily strong in the right places. So, this is why it’s important to use support around you to make sure you can maintain proper technique in exercises while personally supporting all your body weight. The support helps you control the technique of each exercise a little bit better. Value your support; value your technique. It’s essential to have quality technique while performing reps, not only for safety and security but for building a strong movement pattern for the future. If you have questions about how you can better use your support, reach out to us or comment below.

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